Commission Agreement Contract

Illustrations, Graphics, Special Projects

Orise Designs , known as Artist. Person(s) or their agents employing Orise Designs services, known as Client, agree to the following terms:

  1. Client MUST PROOF all Portraits, Illustrations, Graphics in a timely manner.

  2. Artist is not responsible for Client errors or omissions. Corrections made by Artist due to Client error shall be for additional charges.

  3. Errors or omissions caused by Artist shall be corrected at no extra charge to Client.

  4. Artist shall not be liable for loss of income or any other inconvenience or hardship endured by Client due to any error or omission or unforseen situations/circumstances beyond Artist control in creating illustration or any graphic product or its content. Errors shall be corrected by Artist once indentified by Client in a timely manner (see article 1.* above).

  5. Client is responsible for any and all legal issues and costs involving any photos provided to Artist for reproduction. Artist is not responsible for any financial inconvenience represented in any legal action that may arise in creating product from photos supplied by Client.

  6. Client shall be given an ESTIMATE for requested service(s). A 50% deposit of ESTIMATE shall be due upon engaging Artist's services. Changes requested by Client after signing Contract shall incur additional charges added to Final Payment. Final Payment shall be due upon Client approval of final product. Delivery of approved product shall occur when Artist receives final payment cleared by a bank or PayPal.

  7. All further reproduction rights accompanying said product shall belong to Artist unless Release of Copyright to Client arrangements are made for a one time fee determined by Artist.

  8. Non-payment shall result in Agreement cancellation. Deposit is non-refundable. All collecting or legal fees incurred by Artist shall be responsibility of Client. Final roduct shall remain as the sole property of Artist and all reproduction rights accompanying said work shall belong to Artist.

  9. Client has read and agrees with both the Illustration and Graphics Price Structure and the Orise Designs Commission Agreement Contract.

By signing this Commission Agreement Contract, Client agrees with terms of this Contract.

*Signature: ______________________Date: ________

* Print name: ___________________________

*Company name: _____________________________

*Contact name:________________________________

*Address:  ___________________________________

*Phone: _____________________________________

*Cell phone: __________________________________

*Check (50% deposit) included in the amount of
$ _______ as negotiated on ___/___/20__.

Under special circumstances, due to additional needs of Client, additional costs and balance due date shall be re-negotiated between Client and Artist.

Client changes and agreed to added cost(s):





Added cost $ ____________________

Client signature: ______________________________ (If any changes are requested, re-print this page, write the added changes, include your signature to acknowledge additional cost due to Client changes.)

Shipping cost: $_______ via USPS.

Balance due of $ _______ paid upon approval of final product to: Orise Designs

Mail signed Client Agreement Contract and check to:

Orise Designs
+ include signed Client Agreement Contract


Make payment via Pay Pal or Square via invoice provided by Orise Designs.

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